The GalleriaClic Manifesto

Let’s talk about art. What the eye clocked, locked on, clicked or saw. This is what GalleriaClic is all about. We are about having a dialogue with, a discussion on, an interaction with what is going on in the ocean that is contemporary art.

GalleriaClic knows art. GalleriaClic knows good art. We have to, there so much out there and obviously the challenge is to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is our manifesto however these are not set in stone, for now let’s call them our guiding principles.

We will be talking about artists featured on GalleriaClic. With the aid of the various social media tools available to you and us a lively dialogue will ensue.

We will be commenting on the proliferation of art out there. Strong opinions will be expressed. And why not, a lot of art and artist out there are making bold statements and taking a strong stance. If we don’t get it, we will say so. Not getting it might be one of two or more things. It might be one of two things we are missing the point or they are missing the point (or the artist does not have one).

We will be fun. Or at least we will give it our best shot. In a bid to be taken seriously artist sometimes forget to be fun. The down side of this is for example the lack of exciting decorative contemporary art. We are a fan of Rothko but returning the money for a commission to the Four Seasons Hotel NYC patron might be a step too far. Thinking that deeply we now know can play havoc with the mind. On the other hand flying into a rage because of the way your work is hung is permissible. As long as you have control by all means exert control. Like everyone else artists need to pick their battles.

We will stray. Creativity has no borders. Advancements, especially in the field of science and technology means things are fluid and lines get blurred. GalleriaClic recently went to see Michael Clark Company’s Come, Been and Gone. Here Michael Clark’s choreography fused with Peter Doig’s visual art.

We will compile hit-lists and shortlists. The world loves a list especially its Top Ten.

We will not get overwhelmed by blockbusters. We will seek out the obscure, the off-the-beaten track and those who lack the ability or funds to spin.

For now let’s sign off this piece by saying art like life is about collaboration. No matter how you choose to look at it no artist is an island. An artist might be one man or women holed up in make shift studio, but then comes along the gallery, the dealer, the collector and most important of all the audience. Then and only then is the art validated and complete. That is why we are asking you the artist, collector, critique, dealer or (just plain and humble) art lover (just like us), to collaborate with us by reading, commenting and passing the pieces along.

Read, comment and pass along.


About GalleriaClic

This is the blog of Galleria Clic contemporary art online gallery edited by Depo Olukotun.
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