Bola Adamolekun’s Gingerbread House Collection

Bola Adamolekun is showing her Gingerbread House collection of pottery and the Working Mens College end of year exhibition.

Gingerbread House

15 July 2011, 18:00 – 21:00, opening show.

Working Mens College
44 Crowndale Rd
Mornington Crescent on the Northen Line

Bola Adamolekun is a potter who, “enjoy(s) working in clay because it is an organic and open medium.”

Bola says of her work:
“Working with clay offers me opportunities to explore stories through texture, structure, form and colour. I love using stories to revive, challenge and explore the creative partnership involved when using clay. Thus my practice is concerned with story telling, in the traditions of fantasy, magic realism and the romantic, informed by my fascination with architectural forms, experience with fabrics and drawing from the natural environment as my inspiration for colour and texture. ”

And what’s more:
The show continues as follows:
Saturday 16th July 11am – 3pm
Monday 18th July 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 19th July 11am – 3pm


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