Lorenzo Belenguer finds beauty in rusty metal

Lorenzo Belenguer delights in found objects and has a particular affection for rusty metal. He is showing his series of sculptures from rusty metal at Dolphin Square, The Moroccan Gardens.

Buildings that might fall by Lorenzo Belenguer

Friday 15 July 2011,  18.00 – 21.00, opening show.

Contemporary Art Exhibition (click for map)
The Moroccan Gardens,
Dolphin Square
Tube: Pimlico, Victoria Line

Lorenzo Belenguer is an artist, curator and director of The Gallery at Willesden Green. The Gallery at Willesden Green is the exhibiting space of the Brent Artist Resource.

Kathy Battista, Director, Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s says of Lorenzo Belenguer’s work:
“… (his) work straddles the realms of sculpture, painting and drawing. In one area of his practice, he transforms metal objects into sculptures that evolve from the visual rhetoric of Minimalism and double as ‘canvases’.

Belenguer is like a hunter who trawls the city for found objects, sometimes sourced as locally as the back garden of the studios’ church. The work is then dictated by his discoveries, which include steel grids, a mattress reduced to its mesh of springs, and blacksmiths’ tools. These he reads as masculine objects. He intervenes with these structures by oxidising the metal elements in salt water or acids and dabbing them with paint of primary colours. This transforms how the objects are read, emphasising the points at which layers of meaning converge.”

And what’s more:
The show continues as follows:
Saturday 16 July 2011 12.00- 17.00
Sunday 17 July 2011 12.00- 17.00


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