I Want To Tell You; London is multicultural!

I feel naughty. Why? Well, I am using that now much-vilified term ‘multicultural’. However there is no better way to describe the contributors to Matteo Merla’s crowdsourcing/mashup art project at the Olympic Gallery, Shoreditch on Thursday 2 February. Entitled ‘I Want To Tell You’, a diverse people, told diverse tales in diverse tongues. Now if the use of the label ‘multicultural’ here is perverse, I am at a loss as to what other label to use. There were messages in: French, Italian, Russian and Somali, just to mention a few.

I Want To Tell You Portraits

Back to the fun. The process is simple enough; in exchange for a deep and meaningful thought you will like to share with the world, and a small donation, you get to choose, adopt and keep a portrait of a random face in the crowd. While this is fun the exciting thing is that your message gets to be part of a special installation during the London 2012 Olympic fortnight.

You have until Sunday 12 February 2012 to be part of this London 2012 Olympic/art project. I ‘Want To Tell You’ is at the Olympic Art Gallery, which is open daily 12.00-19.00.

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