GalleriaClic update: Dazed and looking ahead

Dazed and refused
Edward Ofosu is a talented portrait artist whose art we hope you will be seeing more of on GalleriaClic. You will be able to see one of Ofosu’s portraits at Dazed and Refused. Dazed and Refused opens on Thursday 21 June at The Arch Gallery. So why are we Dazed and Refused? Well it is a case of refused first then dazed as this is an exhibition of the pieces that did not make it into the BP Portrait Award 2012. However, no one was dazed for long, as they decided to turn the negative of rejection into this positive exhibition. Dazed and Refused ends on Saturday, 30 June, so hurry and catch a glimpse of all that talent and creativity that could not possibly fit into the National Portrait Gallery.

Looking forward to our new space
Apologies to anyone who might have wondered down to The Bookshop Gallery Hoxton in the last week. GalleriaClic and the resident artist Matteo Merla have moved away from that space. The good news is come mid-July we will be in a new space, please stay connected to GalleriaClic for more information on our new gallery.

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About GalleriaClic

This is the blog of Galleria Clic contemporary art online gallery edited by Depo Olukotun.
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