documentA (13)

I have just come from a two-day tour of documentA (13) in Kassel, a town in the German state of Hesse. Courtesy of documentA, Kassel is the home of Joseph Beuys’ legendary 7000 oaks. Over the course of the two days at Kassel: the weather was spot on (however the heavens wept the day I left), the beer was refreshing and above all the art sucked you in! I remain convinced of the status of artists and the role of conceptual art in our contemporary existence. There was cutting edge lateral thinking to behold!

There is an art to experiencing what documentA (13) has to offer. The key is to relax and let the artists lead you by the hand. At this 100-day event there are multiple stories to be told and a multitude of ways to behold the art and hopefully have a dialogue with the individual artists. Over the coming days and weeks I aim to log successive dialogues I engaged in over the course of the two days I was in Kassel.

My aim is that each entry or log is an improvement on the last one, as I attempt to paint you an image of my take on documentA (13). There is no template of what is to come and no promises here , just hopefully a voyage of discovery. The entries are observations and hence not gospel. If this ride grabs your fancy, stay tuned to this blog and if you are digitally enabled and zealous you can engage me on Twitter or Facebook and hopefully soon on YouTube. documentA (13) ends on Sunday 16 September 2012, by which date I hope to have said all I want to say. If by 16 September I still have more to say, I shall continue, but only by popular demand, so get voting with your clicks on the GalleriaClic blog entries on documentA (13).

How many days to go at documentA (13)?
As of today there are still 68 days to go before the end of documentA (13)!

GalleriaClic’s documentA (13) recommendation of the day
Symposium: Western Sahara – a colonial conflict in our time

What is documentA?

Read my Last entry on documentA (13).


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  1. Pete says:

    I look forward to hearing more!!

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