Naughty by nature: Art by Alexis van El

It is easy and hence forgivable to be misled by the look of Alexis van El’s sculptures. Yes the inspiration for the sculpture van El refers to as “bookforms” or metal books is nature, but not from what might seem like the obvious aspects of nature. The look of van El’s bookfroms is inspired by tree bark fissures to be exact. In essence van El’s sculpture illustrates how nature replicates itself in looks and characteristics across its various aspects.

Triptych 1, metal sculpture by  Alexis van El

You can get closer to van El’s sculptures and allow nature to drive your imagination wild at the Espacio Gallery’s Elements of Art. Van El is one of a group of artists exhibiting in Elements of Art, which is on until Tuesday 16 July 2013. Espacio Gallery is on the culturally vibrant end of London’s Bethnal Green Road, that’s Shoreditch to those in the know.

By Depo Olukotun

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