Look Van Gogh, it’s Ofosu without paint, brush or canvas!

GalleriaClic is excited to promote Edward Ofosu’s first solo exhibition of essentially iPad art. One of Ofosu’s artistic heroes is David Hockney. And why should Ofosu not admire Hockney, after all, the pioneering artist not only experimented with iPad art, he has proceeded to champion and adopt it as part of his repertoire.

David Hockney by Edward Ofosu 2014 (iPad art)

David Hockney by Edward Ofosu 2014 (iPad art)

Artists such as Vincent van Gogh, who we revere today, would have adopted and gone crazy over (excuse the pun) iPad art. Van Gogh painted with frenzy and a sense of urgency and was reputed to have produced one painting per day over the 70 days that lead up to his death. Imagine how many paintings he would have produced with his iPad art app! Using an iPad art app would have fitted in perfectly with van Gogh’s attempt, as he painted en plein air, to create a new painting each time he noticed the quality of the light change, even while he was in the middle of another painting of the same scene. His Wheat Fields series of paintings was a result of this ambition. Van Gogh’s ambitions are reflected in Ofosu’s free-flow use of iPad art

Ofosu is a prolific portrait artist and is particularly keen on observing people in action. He has been submitting entries to the BP Portrait Award for quite a few years and was at this year’s Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, hosted by comedian Frank Skinner and broadcaster Joan Bakewell, showcasing his skills. Galleriaclic is suggesting that Ofosu takes a bold step and submit an iPad art painting for his next entry to the BP Portrait Award.

A Journey with the New, Ofosu’s all iPad art solo exhibition opens on Thursday, 27th November 2014 from 6pm to 9pm at Prince of Wales Surgery, 87-89 Prince of Wales road, Kentish Town, NW5 3NT. In addition to a collection of mainly portraits this exhibition includes Ofosu’s foray into landscapes and abstracts. The exhibition is on at the Prince of Wales Surgery until 20th December. This is not a GalleriaClic event.

By Depo Olukotun

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