Documenta 14: Parthenon of Books

Marta Minujín’s Parthenon of Books is easily the centrepiece of Documenta 14, the 2017 instalment of the five-yearly Documenta held in Kassel, Germany. The Parthenon of Books qualifies as the centrepiece because it stands out physically, as an idea and a philosophy. The philosophical question I drew from it is: What is truth and why should we be afraid of it?

The idea that the written word in one part of the world causes turmoil in another part of world is interesting. While being interesting it is also very real and happening. While I am not sure about the pen being mightier than the sword in the Parthenon of Books we see them going head to head.

Marta Minujín, Parthenon of Books

Marta Minujín’s Parthenon of Books at Documenta 14

Harry Potter is Dangerous!

Harry Potter is Dangerous in some parts of the world! (Parthenon of Books), Documenta 14, 2017

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